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Crew Background

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History of Our Crew

Little is known about the Lord's leader Nikoteen. He showed up in Liberty City in his early 20s and started forming an organization of ruthless criminals. Nikoteen first enlisted the help of 5 other underbosses, becoming known as the Center 6.
The Center 6 are the most powerful men in Liberty. They guide the Lords of Liberty to wealth and respect. Honor is highly valued within the ranks of the Lords and unfaithful or disloyal members are known to be cast from the crew and even considered a threat to it's very well-being.
Now, with almost 50 members, each one of the Lords of Liberty holds the whole city in the palm of thier hand.

Our Charter

Some organizations have a formal charter; many do not. If our organization has a written charter, we'll include it here. If not, we'll use this area to discuss the reasons our club exists and what our goals are.

Our Crew's Bosses

The Center 6 contain a group of leaders, a group of buisnessmen, and most importantly, a group of Lords. Not a group of lords in the sense of duke or nobleman, but actualy men of god-like spirit and determination.
The Center 6 are..
Nikoteen Bellic. Offspring of Irish imigrants. Specialy trained in semi-automatic weapons and a master of strategy. Views life as a chess game, every move counts.
A Human Being X:
Sw33t Kill3r:
Oragon Josh:
Underboss bio's coming soon.